Boise Ridge

1:15 a.m. (persied)
Waiting on all creation

I stand ready for her gifts


Watch for long, get a little 

A seeming small, actual lot


No impatient man can find these


Hurried. Looking

Eyes searching point to fixed point

Of light

For light

New light

The gifts are unsteady

And where the light is

Is not where it emerges new tonight

No one place is enough

All or none

Look to none to look

At everything

Know enough to know

Known points may guide 

your eyes

To no surprises.

What beckons from certainty

Shouts down the emergent

Light from nothing

A newer memory


Even seen it is a memory 

Out of time

Before even realized

It is remembered

As already gone

I await a new light within

The constant and unknowable night

Between the ancient

Fixed points of light

Attentive to nothing

But everything at once.