​It is within me

The quit

To reach out to light

With trembling hands

And burn

And curse the light

All light as hurtful
It is within me

To know better
There is no dispensation

For me

Sanctified though I’ve tried

To be patient


Ready to begin
Light is light

Some is flame 

Wrongly touched it must burn me

No matter how long I have fasted

In the dark

Light is light

Flame is flame

Burned is common
It is not that I will forever shiver

Or make my way by pin pricks 

Moon and stars alone 

Though they are still enough

Brave in the dark is good

Unafraid of all light

For the sting of one

Is not brave
I am brave. 

I no longer fear the dark

I will not fear light for this

Nor flame
I will learn to touch

What I can hold

And stay distant 

From what can only warm me

Staying warm

I will touch the lights still

Trembling hands


Ready to pull away

Ready to hold tight

What will light

Yet not harm me.
Light is light

Burned is burned

I am brave.