In the dark 
the world looks on 

through heavy lidded eyes. 

the moon perfoms,

the earth is still 

and reverent. 


The light seems reverent.


Just brushing at things. 

Laying on them

like a diamond dust. 

It touches the top, 

Nothing more
What is underneath 

can hide and dream. 

Where day intrudes, 

night only hints. 

You can see, 

but only

A silver outline 

of shadows. 
It’s all still there. 

You just have to move 



on purpose. 

The day shouts 

‘Here is everything!’

Here and there, 

this and that, 

there you have it. 

A spectacle. 
This night whispers 

around the edges. 

It allows the earth 

to speak for itself  

keep its secrets. 

All of it lives. 

All of it breathes. 

But I can hear 

the heartbeat now. 
In the same way 

the strain of day 

leaves a man’s face

Softer than his worries

While sleeping, 

the wrinkled lines 

lay softer now

upon the face 

of the worrisome world. 
Jared M. Moyes