Last day of retrograde

Mercury muddibg waters murky

Two eclipses this ellipsis

One for the money

Two for the hoe 

Literally the money changing came first

My position blotted out in the new, more like absent, moon

‘End of something major’

Number two

The moon and starry eyes went dark that night
Muted and miscommunicated 

Every expression gave wrong impression

Had a bad day for a month, is all 

No wheel the spin ineffective

No soil to not find purchase in
All were unwilling in the time of ‘no dice’

Spirit and chance went away to sleep with eachother 

Cheating on me

I can’t sleep

Mercury in retrograde is ‘no. Just don’t’ 

Doesn’t matter what you think 


You must wait
All things considered, I did well 

To only break a few things

Too bad that vibe of those was my own heart 

Next time I’ll have a plate on hand to shatter