I want to drive

Further and faster 

Than my little old truck goes

That remains

A space

A need

You left in me

You made

You filled

I can’t fill it now without you 
Like the music

At least as loud as the howling 

Of my maddened mind

Painful clarity

Rewrite recast 

All of the songs

Again. Again for years on end
Dusty busted trucks and speakers of mine 

Windowpane clear

Painful and good to hear

New notes and nuance unknown
I knew them once

Because I knew you


Space made and filled

By you

The room remains

But I can’t fill it now

You are gone
I welcomed you to enter 

This one-room heart

Maybe more, this was all

That I used


My heart would grow

Wants to

And it can

Forever outward 


Around you


Remake remodel to allow you

Any. Every. All

Welcome, guest

It grew

It changed

Making room

Making rooms

For you to belong

To hold you

I held you

In this reformed heart
The season is turning

Colder than I can bear

Pull tight window shades

Light switches ‘off’ and doors locked shut.

I can’t keep up

All of these rooms in key that you tended to

Locked, key in pocket

I retreat now to the corner I started in this mansion

That my heart became for you. 

That I can’t bear to even say is a mansion 

No. Just my room with me

There is no, was no, will never be a you. 

There is no room