Mercury goes direct tomorrow

Gag order lifted

So what do you have to say for yourself?

What now?

Who are you now?
Same signs say it is a new day

My heart to realign under a newer, better sign

And stay that way for a dozen years 

Which leaves me laughing 

When Ive wondered for a decade

‘Am I cursed?’

The implication is that I was

No more?
Lucky in love
Terrifying. Really

Ive grown timid with tempering

Too much, perhaps, to try

In a flood full of good hearted women

Arriving too late

Having just now resolved, again

That I don’t want to date
Likely not

When my heart said it was time

‘Try again. It is time’

It was

I tried
‘Success’ was not the word

My heart spoke plainly 

‘Try again. It is time’

To hope and fail and hurt again 

To rise and rise on the warming air

Pulse erratic


Dramatic and doomed
Time to pan out

Every ounce of mud

In this stream

As long as it takes

To find the last treasure 

That I missed in all my searching 

Mud and work

The task of winning my own heart

And so I start