I laid the Sun down

After walking her 

weary to bed

To the west
Her sheets

Blue and rose

Turn about

Tip toe

To the east I crept
To my mistress Moon

Returned to me full

And naked


In the setting

The setting
At our last meeting

A red haired woman lit the night

I stayed in for a while

A good, long while.

And I missed her
And I missed the Moon
No colors interrupt us now

Of hair 

or daylight dozing

We are alone again

My once monthly lover

That never leaves
One or two lovers

Never leave

I’ve never seen God

But I see His daughter 

Across a river now
She will do

Should He tarry further

She is a faith

A worship in a way
On my knees I confess

Sin and ache

The same

As a priest would hear me

She hears me

I confess
A crystal white light

Colors a tear

Caught on the second knuckle

Of my right

index finger


wept away
She has come

She will come again

Another night

For another day
-Me 5/10/17 8.57p